About us?

Since 2004, Dwam Company is considered as one of the pioneering and reliable companies in the field of import, export and manufacturing. Through two decades of challenges and agreements, Dwam managed to build successful and solid relationships with the largest companies and factories around the world and in China, especially in the field of manufacturing and logistics services. Dwam targets both the public and private companies and individuals, to allow its customers the largest possible array of options that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Why Dwam International Trading Ltd.?

Dwam possesses experience and knowledge in the field of import, export and logistic services through accumulated experiences and agreements that lasted for years until Doom Company has become a brilliant name in the local and global markets among millions of competitors.

Our advantages

Competitive prices.

Reliable company.

100% guarantee.

High quality.

Rapid implementation.

Two main headquarters: Riyadh – China.

Payment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our advantages


To be at the forefront of the commercially and logistically supportive industrial companies, to meet the needs of local markets


Upgrade the quality of service in the logistics and manufacturing sector, by a dedicated and specialized team for a successful and continuous partnership.